Reconnect with your body, vitality and enthusiasm and emerge feeling alive and rebalanced. Choose from our sublime range of massage and full body treatments.


Swedish massage techniques.

30 Minute $65
60 Minute $120
90 Minute $160
Couples Massage- 60 Minute $235
Couples Massage- 90 Minute $315


Specialised massage is an amazing remedial massage which can help relieve and prevent sports injuries, release tension and toxins, allows blood flow and oxygen to circulate properly, promotes lymphatic drainage and improves the mobility of contracted muscles.

45 Minute $105
(Choice of Deep Tissue or Indian Head)

60 Minute $140
(Choice of Deep Tissue, Pregnancy or Bamboo)

90 Minute $180
(Choice of Deep Tissue, Hot Stone or Bamboo)

Warm Lava Shell Massage- 60 Minute $169
Warm Lava Shell Massage- 90 Minute $209

Bamboo Taster Massage- 60 Minute $130
A great introduction to bamboo, incorporates manual massage as well as the use of the bamboo canes.

Deep Tissue Massage- A more intense massage therapy than swedish. Incorporates deeper pressure, manipulation and stretching  to release chronic muscle tension, aches and pains. Areas included are tailored depending on the clients needs.

Indian Head Massage- Includes massage of the shoulders, upper arms, neck, ears, face and scalp. It is a wonderful relaxing therapy and has great benefits including relieving stress and restlessness, promoting relaxation, promotes hair growth, dissipates mental tiredness, helps prevents migraines and headaches and stimulates lymphatic drainage. (Please note oil is used through the hair for this treatment).

Pregnancy Massage- Pregnancy massage can be of huge benefit to expecting Mothers. With pregnancy comes many changes and a lot of pressure is put on the body often causing discomfort and stress, massage can be a great way to relieve this. Our pregnancy massage is performed with the client in a side-lying position ensuring she has plenty of support. Areas included are back, neck, shoulders, legs, arms, face and scalp. (Please note we will not perform massage if a women is in her first trimester of pregnancy, in a high risk pregnancy category or has a history of premature labour).

Bamboo Massage- Using hollow bamboo canes of different lengths, these are rolled over the muscle with a kneading motion to provide a deep, effective massage. This massage is great for reaching deep tissues, relieving aches and pains, promoting circulation and is highly effective for lymphatic drainage.

Hot Stone Massage- Smooth, flat heated stones are used in two ways throughout the massage. The stones are placed on certain pressure points and allow the warmth to work into the muscles. Stones are also used in the therapists hands to massage the body. The heat from the stones creates a deep sense of relaxation relieving stress and restlessness, eases muscle tension, aches and pains, and increases circulation.

Warm Lava Shell Massage- Lava Shells are the world's first self heating massage tool, the shells contain natural ingredients that cause a chemical reaction which produces heat. The therapist uses the stones in combination with manual massage techniques to massage the body. Benefits include warming of the body's tissues, stimulates circulation and sweat glands encouraging toxin release, increases flexibility of connective tissues improving range of movement in ligaments and tendons, soothes and sedates sensory nerve endings and relieves pain.

Please note we do require a medical certificate if a client is undergoing any medical conditions, massage will not be performed if a medical certificate is not presented.


Our signature treatment.

Indulge in a beautiful full body aromatic ritual.
This nurturing face and body ritual renders the ultimate sense of relaxation & well being. Includes full body massage and facial ritual.
Allow 90 Minutes $210


The ideal treatment to rejuvenate and deeply hydrate. After a full body exfoliation your body will be cocooned in a body mask while you receive a face and scalp ritual before finishing off with a luxurious body cream application to restore perfect moisture balance to the skin.  
Allow 90 Minutes $199


Renew the skin with a full body exfoliation in our hydro capsule. Beginning with a pre-steam your body is then exfoliated from head to toe with a creamy volcanic scrub, finished off with a body lotion application. 
Allow 60 Minutes $109

This deeply restorative experience in our hydro capsule is our premium spa treatment. It begins with a pre-steam and full body exfoliation, you are then immersed in a creamy thermal Italian mud. The warming and detoxifying action combined with the relief of muscle aches and pains makes this the perfect treatment to restore the body leaving you feeling truly revitalised. 
Allow 90 Minutes $235